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I would like to tell you more about my favorite movie of 2013…

Only God forgievs

A movie about forgiveness. This is a perfect blend of western and eastern philosophy. It is a message rather than a movie. Only God forgives. And we can see clearly why the director Refn chose Thailand. A land of so many controversies. A land of good and bad, of beauty and ugliness. But it’s not only Thailand. It’s every country in the world. Because we don’t change as people, we only find new reasons to be bad, or be good. The only way we can change ourselves is by asking God for forgiveness. For we are not the ones to judge others. We are all fluctuating in our lives. And that’s why the main character in this movie is on his path to redemption. To redeem his hands from the deeds he has done before. Despite the fact that he is a mere consequence of his family’s history, he feels ugly and filthy from the inside before he meets Chang. And at the end when he has been purified by God, although he is filthy and ugly on the outside, inside he is purified from the hatred, from the badness he felt. Chang is not the God following all characters for their deeds. He is a true force of nature – no dualism, no judgementalism. And when the nature has achieved balance, it calms down. We are engulfed in a dark red fairy tail with no temporal or spacial boundaries. The music is not music, it is the sound of emotions which run from the directors vision. It’s a perfect blend. An hour and a half transcendence of the surreal and real, braided on the walls of claustrophobic corridors. And still we can breath the air coming from the path of Julian before us. The calm breeze embracing a redeemed personality. Which is no longer afraid to look at his life (hands).