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Let me tell you my opinion of 2012’s movie Prometheus:


“Let the adventure begin”, says David as the “Prometheus” approaches an unknown planet. As our imagination approached the universe of the new sci-fi movie of Ridley Scott too. After watching it several times I finally approach reviewing it. There are so many opinions already, that the sea of information is overwhelming the universe created by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof and its message to the viewers. I personally saw the movie at its premiere and was overwhelmed by the amount of creative power in it. Yes, maybe the plot was too questionable, taking in consideration the expectation of the Alien franchise fans. But did we really get a beautiful sci-fi movie with plot holes and some unfinished side characters and relations between them? Or after watching it several times and taking the time to consider all the possible explanations, we can get the enigmatic biblical and existential messages of the writers. Many sci-fi fans believe that this is far from the suspense and dramatic contradiction of the first Alien movie. And even compared to Scott’s Blade runner this is a flat plot and unfinished character universe. But it is not. I tried to think of a way to convince you that this is a unique, ethical and philosophical piece of entertainment. And the best is the view of the believer. No matter what you believe in, you always try to doubt and research your own way into the vastness of…yourself? Yes, I am sure that the best way to dissect this movie is from within. The names of the characters, the topical and spacial focal points of this universe, the relations between the people involved in the mission of “finding God” – they all have some biblical origin. This is a movie about the origin of human faith and its endurance. Every person in the plot has his/her/its own way of testing the belief which holds the human mind together. For some it is the weight of money and power. For others its the scientific method of describing what created us humans. And for some, such as Elizabeth and Janek – it is truly the belief in some greater force. Only David is the neutral child which sees all words and actions without reasoning with death. The birth, the parenthood, the social structure of the crew – everything is perceived through the twisted microscope of fear. After all of the preparedness of the human intellect (even with the saintly David created by humans) the humans are not ready to face their fears without losing their humanity. It is not a logical action, but more emotional reaction which saves Earth from holocaust. And even if the Engineers were ready to destroy our species because of some horrible deed which we did 2000 years ago (guess what it is :)), are we ready to admit that we have done something to prove that it is not the right thing to be done? The main message of this film to me is that we are full of questions to which we don’t know the answers, but if we find the courage within ourselves to dig deep enough we will find that the godly sparkle which makes us stand the test of time and continue to evolve further is always what to be human is. To be able to always make a choice to believe in something which may not be true, but still makes our lives meaningful and worthy.