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Let’s talk about my number 2 movie for 2013 – “Gravity

Gravity movie

Do we really breathe properly? That’s what I was thinking after I saw the movie. I don’t know, maybe I was a little bit emotional after I saw the film of Alfonso Cuarón. But I think I will not make a mistake if I state that living is a lot like breathing – you have ups and downs and sometimes you enjoy it, other times you can barely get through it. With such a soulful movie in front of us we cannot stay indifferent. From the first glimpse of our beautiful planet to the last shot of the sea shore – we are engulfed in a spacious journey which endeavors in the bright and dark places of our inner and outer human universe. In a broader aspect – this is a story about our place in life and space and how we perceive it. I’m not really sure if I have seen a better performance by Sandra Bullock, but I’m pretty much convinced that it will not be the last of her magnificent reincarnations. And George Clooney not only looked as the calmest person in the cosmos – he convinced me that to be a parental figure, you have to work hard and always act natural. This is the best way to represent what is truly happening in your mind and heart. Every breath of the main character, Dr. Ryan Stone, is co-experienced by the viewer. No matter how calm or fearful, her breathing is heartfelt, because we all know what is fear and tranquility and how these two can change their places suddenly. That is why I enjoyed every minute of this spectacle. It was entertaining, enlightening and rewarding. A guide into finding the will to overcome yourself and live life as it is.