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Some words about “The Lone ranger”:

The Lone Ranger

As I think of it now we were expecting exactly that – a humorous wild west epic adventure with fantastic elements. And still I wasn’t expecting so much entertaining film. Although this kind of a movie is not my taste, I must admit – it is fulfilling almost every aspect of a modern movie. The story might be noting special, some key moments might be taken from classic western movies, we’ve seen Depp as a comic hero with lots of make-up, and we know that there will be lots of special effects and good music. But still at the movie theater I was entertained very much. There was almost not plot hole and no cinematographic mistake. Well, maybe the main hero Kemosabe was a bit too indecisive and some of the second-hand characters didn’t have depth, but what the hell – this is a Disney movie targeted at the wide audience. Maybe I needed a fresh story from the Wild west (although the origin of The Lone Ranger dates way back to the 1930s), or maybe the movie is really good, but I think that this is one of the best Johnny Depp films I’ve watched. And the funny catchphrases, silver bullets and the William Tell Overture are only spices which enhance the great visual content created by Disney. I may not be a fan of The Lone Ranger or its sort, but I recommend it without a doubt in my mind. It is a 2 and half an hour piece of movie magic, created with money and some imagination taken out of the American showbiz sleeve. And that’s a compliment considering that in the recent years the masses spend their money to films which are much less creative in so many ways.