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I have recently watched “The Wolf of Wallstreet” and I’d like to share a few thoughts about this movie with you…

The Wolf of Wallstreet

Since many critics emphasize on the overall quality of the movie and the artistry invested in it (no doubt about that), I’d like to write about three special moments in this movie which made my day.
So behold – SPOILERS are coming!

Are you still with me? Good.

1. The speeches at the “Stratton Oakmont” office.
There is such an evangelical preaching power beaming from these sequences that even I as a reasonable man feel compelled by the egoistic nature of these motivational statements. Without a single doubt I can say that they represent both the best and the worst sides of the capitalistic culture. We can clearly see how a man can grow wild because of his ego, greed and lust. But without a single doubt I can agree with the director Scorsese that if you show the true nature of things in a comedic-sarcastic manner in the 21st century, you can only benefit from that. And what a performance from Di Caprio. Hands down

2. First meeting between Belfort and FBI agent Denham on Belfort’s boat.
A very aggressive episode in which the viewer can see how the internal tension builds up and blows out between two strong characters. Although pride is the main reason for this wonderfully played confrontation, I can see again the competitive elements of the American cultute clash between the two symbols of this adventurous society. Indeed this is a very important nodus in the story.

3. The “crawling” episode when Belfort is trying to stop his buddy Azoff from making a call from his home and the ludicrous fight between them on the floor.
This whole scene is exploring the limits of human will to overcome whatever obstacle there is in the name of self preservation. The play is so real that I thought for a moment that Di Caprio and Jonah Hill have experience with such situations (I guess celebrities’ life isn’t easier than the lifestyle of the main character of this movie). This whole episode is so controversial that I was wondering if I should laugh or cry about it. And after all I chose to laugh. 🙂

“The Wolf of Wallstreet” is a movie full of obscene content and crazy roleplaying. The director Scorsese is a bold and adventurous young soul (as always) and I admire him for that. We can all follow his example in our artwork.

I guess that most of the people with moral values will condemn this film in a particular way. But it’s expected and it’s okay. And even though this movie is not THE best film of 2013, to me it has one of the best (if not the best) cinematic incarnations. There are scenes which are truly “creme de la creme”. Profit and Ego are evident sins, but we all have them, so why moralize on this movie instead of just enjoy its merits and remember the morals at the end.

Yes, we know it is bad to make a movie about these fellas (real life assholes), but as a part of our generation we can’t stop cheering at all the wrong moments… 🙂