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I’d like to tell you what I think of and how I feel about one special song from 1972: “A horse with no name” by America…

America - A horse with no name

Let’s go back to the magic ’70s and listen to some high quality folk rock music:

So what do you think about this lazy-cozy lullaby? I personally reinvented it recently and am super glad about that. A beautifully simple melody and rhythm with sophisticated lyrics. Or not? This carefree song about the desert and a horse with no name has sprung many interpretations…

No.1) What is known about the song.
Is it really about a horse with no name or is it about heroin (as you may know “horse” is a slang term for this substance)? You know, these times were heavily influenced by drugs.
There is the argument that the group members were intoxicated with cannabis while writing the lyrics at the home studio of Arthur Brown, in Puddletown, Dorset. It is interesting to know that “the heat” radiating from the song was inspired partially from a Salvador Dali picture which was at the studio.

No.2) So why do I show so much attention to this No 1 hit? Because it captivates me with the carefree spirit of the lyrics, with the easiness of the melody and the steady, but light rhythm. The overall calmness and serenity is imbuing a measure of peace in me. And I think that we are seeing here an overall feeling of comfort which wins our hearts.
Yes, there are many songs which show such values. But we rarely find such “lullaby” tunes nowadays. And although the lyrics are simple and childish in a way, the listener enjoys the coherent symbiosis of text and melody.

And I can assure you that while you listen to this song, you might feel a little bit better about your everyday life. After all – we’re always in a hurry, fighting invisible monsters, but we rarely take a moment to experience love and happiness.