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I have recently watched Woody Allen’s new movie and here’s why I think it is great…

Blue Jasmine

I’m starting this review straightforward – I think that through this film we can see Allen’s opinion of the post 2007-2008 Global financial crisis life of the American society (or at least part of it). And yes, the perfect way to do that is to present it via a woman.

Since the woman is an epitome of inconstancy and whimsicality I think that Mr. Woody Allen has found the perfect medium in his main character Jasmine French. Her unfortunate and ironic story is a nice way for him to say to the viewer – we’re all living in this constantly unstable and depressing life cycle, but we all find a personal way to continue our lunatic struggle with egotism and greed.
Jasmine’s nervous breakdown has much to do with her husband’s crimes and also with her own way of life, her moral code. And only at the end of the movie she recalls what led to the loss of her family and fortune. Which comes to show us that the real problem is the fact that very often we hide away from the truth until we HAVE to face it.

Ginger, Jasmine’s sister, is a representative of the lifestyle of the poorer class people who are not only afraid to blame the reason for their misfortune, but also not able to reach for what the deserve – a better life and much more success.
So, in a way Woody Allen shows us that no matter how rich or educated we are – we face the same fears and moral challenges. And that in fact this is what troubles the modern society – not only that we don’t communicate properly with each other, but also that we lock our qualms within ourselves.

In order to overcome any moral issue which bothers us, we need to admit within ourselves that we are ready to change for the better and that we’re afraid to do it, but we’re gonna do it anyway, because it’s worth it. And it’s worth it before it gets too late. Otherwise too much will be lost, more than we’re able to accept.