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I know it’s too early to comment on HBO’s “True Detective” – it’s only halfway on the road to fame. But it is so good, that I just need to express how I feel ’bout it…

True Detective

I’m opening with Rust’s best words so far: “People… I have seen the finale of thousands of lives man. Young, old, each one was so sure of their realness. That their sensory experience constituted a unique individual. Purpose, meaning. So certain that they were more than a biological puppet. Truth wills out, everybody sees once the strings are cut off all down.”

Nic Pizzolatto’s story is so true to real life that I can almost taste the climate of Louisiana. The temperature of each episode is different in a way and yet they all blend in a perfect narrative. The main characters played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are epic. The performance of the actors (and especially McConaughey) is full of philosophical, ethical and theological symbols. The actions, the decisions and most importantly, the conversations are provocative and colorful. The viewer is being held close enough to smell the fear, the hatred and the decay. And yet namely the moral code of the main characters stays in the center of the story. The team which Rust and Marty formed is one mean machine aimed at unraveling the mystery, the murder and the decadence. But I guess that Pizzolatto has put a dream trap for us in the next 4 episodes, so I expect the unexpected. Which is very indicative of the quality of this TV series.

And let us not forget the whole mood which the visuals and the music present to us. It is a real gift – to be able to experience the regional and cultural oddities of Louisiana. From cinematographic point of view the first 4 episodes are a feast of impressions and emotions. The gothic sensibility is essential to the story’s impact. The pacing of the events adds to the splendid contrast between patience and impatience, silence and turmoil.

Powerful performances and intense dialogue are the pivotal points of “True detective”. It is like a well written book. Let me finish by saying that I can’t wait to see how the best show on TV will develop.