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I’m continuing my journey through my favorite movies of all time with the graceful extremism of “Black Swan”…

Black Swan

This melodramatic film piece by Darren Aronofsky was such a big inspiration for me back in 2010, that I felt that I need to present it with a special place here.

The role which brought an Oscar to Natalie Portman (well deserved) is passionate and creepy at the same time. The story is loosely based on Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake ballet, but the main focus is on the extremism of the artistic dedication. Only the best examples of artistic expressionism reach to such a point that they loose themselves into the abyss of the eternal applause. And the character of Nina Sayers really does that at the end. Her emotional breakdown transforms into a state of perfection which transcends over ballet into eternal veracity. Her repressed personality and extreme dedication hurl her into the frightening world of temptation and danger.
The jealous mother, the unsatisfied director, the tempting competitor – they all play their role in the creation of the wonderful symbiosis of the White and Black swan in Nina. We witness the growth of a confused gentle swan which is aimed at perfection.

Nina truly achieves perfection at the end of the movie, but at the cost losing her sanity and life. Giving everything to the performance, she embraces happily the applause of the world which has made her suffer so greatly before. As a true artist, she crosses the line between reality and fiction with a gentle, but firm “pas de deux”.

The cinematography, the choreography are truly astonishing contributions to this art piece. And the music – marvelous. Lurking and intoxicating, graceful and majestic – the soundtrack is an essential part of the story.

It is namely the mesmerizing psychological entirety of “Black Swan” which makes us gasp at the end of the movie. This embodiment of the artistic life and performance is and will be given as an example of perfect cinematography. A glorious garland which shines through life, death and ultimately over eternity.