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The gentle standpoint of the Japanese woman…

Memoirs of a Geisha

I guess you have all watched “Memoirs of a Geisha”, the beautiful adaptation of Arthur Golden’s book of the same name. This dramatic film does justice to the position not only of the geisha in the Japanese society, but it is also an embodiment of the innocence of the Japanese woman.

I dare not say that there is no controversy in this movie – the lead female actresses are all Chinese. Though the depiction of the characters is so much true to the original. My opinion is such not because I understand all the qualities of the geisha performer, or the Japanese women, but as a result of the many various emotions and thoughts that this cinematic artwork awakens in me. The heartbreaking purity and vulnerability pierce through the silver screen into the viewer’s mind like a clear chord from a Shamisen’s stretched string.

The movie follows the narrow path of poor Chiyo through the hardships of time and depicts the layering of an impeccable white powder mask. Despair and the driving forces behind the transition of the main character from the gentle Chiyo to the symbolic Sayuri. Romantic mystery and cruel reality wrap up the appealing of this powerful story. This film is about the power of the spirit which I guess most of the Japanese women have. Their obedience and timeless intimacy are two of the main characteristics which we all know.

Also, we can see the world of the geisha depicted in details. It nurtures carefully, but also drains the natural desire for freedom. This harsh world imprints the sense that there is no alternative, but to live gracefully empty. The story though follows the historical turbulences of time and unites the two main characters at the end. Fate is involved like a thin invisible thread joining the dramatic parts of the story.

The intimate music and the compelling visuals are so immersed that we ourselves feel deep compassion for Sayuri. Throughout her whole life she wants only one thing – to love and to be loved. The Chairman is that island of peace and happiness which she longs for.
Do we all crave to express and feel? Aren’t we all harboring such intimate dreams of fulfillment? Don’t we all relate to the same heartfelt desire? I think that deep inside we are all the same. No matter when, where and how we live…