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It ended. But then again, as Rust adequately put it – nothing ever ends…

True detective

The main heroes finally went all the way. Some viewers expected greater confrontation. Even an unexpected transformation in our main characters. And it has been an insightful trip for us all, so I guess it is ok to have such expectations.
As a big fan of the series I felt satisfaction at the end of episode 8. “Form and Void” was a masterful ending of this cinematography class by Pizzolatto and Fukunaga. For me this story was never about who is the evil man, or the ancient organization. After the “shooting” from episode 5, I understood that this TV show was not so much about the actual detective work, but more about a the personal journey of the two main characters. Imagery, sound and music – that is the Form. The narrative monologues and dialogues – that is the Void. This show gave us interesting hints about our own role as viewers. It is interesting to see how an acknowledged writer like Pizzolatto can lure in many viewers and make them fans, using techniques, that build up suspense and subconscious interest. And then he uses this energy to interpret ideas which have much deeper roots – storytelling as a metaphysically bound metaphor.

All is connected and we are all part of this world. A world which defines itself between light and darkness. The loan from Allan Moore at the end was pretty much the best part of the final episode. Rust breaking down and crying, reaching the human core which is deep inside every one of us. It was really touching to experience this symbolic journey through eerie landscapes, vivid characters and subtle music. One of the most important experiences for me was the reassuring message about the human nature – that nobody can see and act beyond his own choices and lifespan. A powerful truth which was carefully constructed throughout the whole season.

So I would like to peacefully thank for all the artistic talent embodied in this masterpiece of television! And let us hope that the second season will be even better!

True Detective Universe