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I have just watched John Turturro’s “Fading Gigolo” and I am feeling very light-hearted and comfortably happy…

Fading Gigolo

I don’t know if Woody Allen has any part in the scriptwriting of this movie, but the art piece has his watermark for sure. The open-minded style, the straightforward and honest performance and most of all – the tenderest look into human relationships and morality – this is what you will get from “Fading Gigolo”.

Turturro is presenting us the rather comedic, but also touching story of the flower shop worker (and a lover for hire!) Fioravante, the book shop keeper (and a pimp!) Murray and the devoted Jewess (and a loving female soul!) Avigal. They are all mixed up (along with the predators Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara) in a touching story about the oddities of life. There is very little exposition and I think that this is one of the best qualities of this movie. Woody Allen is impressive in his typical role once again. This guy is a talker and he can really get your attention in a funny and enjoyable way. I personally loved the constant transition from comedy to sensitivity. The intelligent storytelling is complemented by beautifully selected music pieces.

The intentional nod to Woody Allen’s work is outspoken. The ideas behind the character of this fading gigolo are very simple, but true and appropriate for our time of loneliness and emotional distance. The gentle and understanding Fioravante for me is a personification of the simple pleasures of life that we as ordinary people tend to forget and bypass. Maybe if we focus more on mutual appreciation and take it easier we could show our own inoffensive charm. Tenderness and enjoyment are more than welcome together.
I watched the whole film with a genuine smile. You should definitely take the time to enjoy it as well!