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I have actually the feeling that movies like this expand my synapses rapidly…

The Grand Budapest Hotel

This film deserves to be acclaimed not only because it represents the best features of our civilization, but also because it is masterfully executed. This peculiar story about the concierge Gustave and his loyal lobby boy Zero is a beautiful and intriguing comedic thriller tale. But it is deceptive. The main character is “The Author”. So who is the author?

The emotionally ornamented journey of the viewer is carefully prepared. We witness how Gustave and Zero overcome many obstacles during their adventure between the two European wars. But the main focal point is on the elegance of the human behavior. Education and good manners are just the package, the insights of this movie dessert are the care and love which we feel through this nostalgic piece of cinematography. In our modern times of speed and greed we forget way too often that we can change each other’s energy the right way. This movie is a cheerful escapism to a more romantic world which we lost a century ago.

And what about the cast, what about the acting? Ralph Fiennes is such a driving force. He delivers both funny and dramatic performance, complemented by a constellation of good actors and actresses such as Willem Dafoe, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, Harvey Keitel, F. Murray Abraham, Jeff Goldblum and the young Tony Revolori.
The music is unconventionally good and I very much liked the sets and costumes.

But let’s get back to the author. The movie ends with a dedication to Stefan Zweig. This is the logical conclusion to the Wes Anderson’s (the director) message to the public. And to translate that into words I will paraphrase Zweig himself:
– Every man with a moral sense will always consider his own existence empty and insignificant without the comforting thought and empowering illusion that he, as a separate entity, may contribute something to the overall improvement of the moral world.

The man becomes an author through his aspirations and activities.
It is all about the creator’s imagination which can change the world for the better.