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In our world of random controversy it is always good when we take the time to appreciate talent and artistic imagination…

Matthew McConaughey and Bryan Cranston

Recently we have seen a lot of wonderful male performances in both Cinema and TV series. I would like to express my full appreciation. I know that McConaughey and Cranston are stars among equal stars, but we really witnessed performances of highest quality. And the most important morals coming out of them are that we as people have to take risks sometimes and that hard work pays off. Unique and colorful personages such as Rustin Cohle and Walter White send me into rapture for months, even years. Cinematography has the power to present us with role models which are unconventional in many ways. And the most beautiful thing in this conclusion is that these roles come out from the real life. Real people live their lives the same way as these characters. And we barely notice them. That’s why we act so surprised when we see them on the silver screen.

In the end these characters are implemented in our modern culture and lifestyle. And we learn to appreciate their significance and influence. Because we all want to become better and stronger, unique and significant. To leave a trace behind us. To set an example. To be ourselves more than to be someone else. This is why I want to say: “Thank you Matthew! Thank you Bryan! I know that you may not read this, but I want to express it here, on my site – your work is transforming my life, my world into a better place. I know that this is your ultimate goal as well, so let me finish by saying Alright, Alright, Alright!”