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The sense of fulfillment…

La Grande Bellezza

The enthralling film piece of writer/director Paolo Sorrentino is a must see for every sensible person on this good Earth. And I must say, I felt quite fulfilled when I watched it. I hesitated to write about it for a long time only because I wanted to have enough time to think in through and to depict it in a proper review. But after all the hesitation the story of Jep Gambardella is the story almost every self aware human being, so I am pretty sure that I will never be able to describe such a wonderful movie. One has to watch it to be able to feel all the morals of its story.

Yes, we follow Gambardella through his journey as a famous socialite in Rome, but more importantly – we follow him with our own memories and dreams. I cannot imagine that there will be a sensible person who will not relate to any of the various experiences the main character is presenting to us. Life is just so vibrant and meaningful that we have all had at least one such occasion in our lives where we struck the same chord in our hearts as Jep does.

So why is all the fuss? Well, as with all the best movies out there – this success happens all because this movie is geniously telling us to accept and live our lives as they are. Yep, that’s it. All the misery and distress in life has no meaning for us when we feel or remember the small and short moments of happiness, love and felicity in our lives. Yes, the everyday life is burying these moments beneath tons of misfortune, but we humans are creatures of hope and love, so we can and will only strive to achieve what happens rarely – pure moments of happiness – the jewels of this beautiful world. These are the creations of our mental strength and spiritual longevity. And no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves that the society and the world are changing for worse, in ourselves we know that it will get better eventually. Because we know, we have felt it before – no matter how much disorder and emptiness there is, there will be always moments of fulfillment which will enlighten our path towards hope and creation. Our imagination is after all the best part of our characteristics model as species.

I must also say that the way this movie is shot and musically backed up – it is marvelous. Just go and enjoy it! You will not regret or forget it!