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I personally think that “Edge of tomorrow” is a very smart, funny and entertaining movie. But that’s not its main value – the script is the best thing about it…

Edge of tomorrow

There are already many movies about time loops. And some of them are brilliant (remember “Groundhog day”?). So Edge of tomorrow had to be good to break through its predecessors. And it does in a very fresh and innovative way. The story is originally Japanese (of course!) – from Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s “All You Need Is Kill”. So they had a good start even before shooting this picture. But the transition from book to finished script is also very good. The new imported details are pretty decent, considering what has been presented to us in the recent years by the film industry. It took some 2-3 years to finish this movie and boy did Tom Cruise do a good job!
It is incredible how Emily Blunt is incorporated in this movie as the second main hero. Both main characters are developed very well and I would like to add that they have incredible chemistry on screen. This should also mean that the director of this movie (Doug Liman) has done this time a what he should have done with “Jumper” before, for example.

Anyway, I should move on. I think that the graphics and the creatures’ design are indeed cool and interesting for us viewers. Recently the aliens concepts in movies were rather dumb I should say. So a straight A goes to the designers behind this project. Besides – the camera is swinging perfectly between scenes and the colors and lighting are matching perfectly the mood you as a viewer have to feel. So from technical point of view – the film is incredibly entertaining.

About the whole structure of this sci-fi action movie – I think that many people will see it only as a very good entertainment piece. But the reason why so many viewers will like this movie has roots in the relationship between the main two characters and the interesting concepts of time repeat, life-death situations, the meaning of war, and of course the greatest concept of them all – inevitability. This word for me represents the reason why so many people relate to this film. That is because we all feel the same way as Tom Cruise’s character in this movie at many moments in our lives. We all have this feeling of not being able to escape from certain situations or certain course of events. For good or bad, we as humans tend to believe that we have only one chance, only one life, only one true choice. But the truth is that we don’t need to stiffen that much about this. If we do what we feel is right, the outcome will always be OUR outcome, no matter if it is what is expected or not.

So much like the feeling of fulfillment this film piece is giving us the sense of completion at the end of the movie. This is the same with every good movie.