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If you haven’t watched one of the best action movies this year, go to the nearest 3D movie theater and correct this mistake…

Mad Max Fury road

It’s been a while since I have watched a grand cinematic masterpiece with lots of quality action sequences. Maybe since “Prometheus”.

Anyway, I want to say a few words about the 4th Mad Max movie which is a true heir to the old movies, and especially to the first one. The exhilarating survival story is concentrated on the desert pursuit of our main hero Max Rockatansky who is helping Imperator Furiosa and the beautiful women, who happen to be running from the die-hard Immortan Joe. This being said – there is no more story setting, no time for prehistory, for building characters in the beginning – the action starts immediately. And it is fueled with relentless strive to overcome dire situations with desperate measures.

What strikes me most is the visual perfection of the execution of each action sequence. It is real, it is scary, it is fast and it is furious.
Yes, the dialogue is not much, and is not that good. But the presence of each character and his/her traits are true, visible and charming.
We get to see each of the main characters pursue their way of survival, but in the end only together they can achieve survival and fulfillment. Only Max is the ever estranged and wandering loner.

The truth is that this film is not about the depth of its plot, or the growth of a character in it. It is about the unique world in which this survival story is set. It is about the weary road warriors who battle each other over the only true and meaningful things left in the world – water, gas and procreation.
Because there is no Green Place, no end destination, no other refuge than the one of the mind. And as the main character is driven by his guilt and the ghosts of his lost relatives, the world in which he lives and wanders is driven by the mad desire to survive, to live, to prevail.
This may seem and sound crazy (as crazy as the man with the flame-throwing guitar), but more or less I’m used to see this same battle over and over again in our daily life. We may fight over more elitist values, but survival of the fittest is the most common theme in each argument, in each battle we fight in our lives. Because one can leave his/her legacy only as a victor.

No matter how primal it may seem, the message behind Mad Mad is vigorous – through the ecological collapse and moral decadence one can survive only through constant refueling of the inner values and fighting for them.
We can truly see the family metaphor with Max, Furiosa and the five wives and War boy Nux in one truck. And the dream of reaching home as a journey back to the beginning after escaping from it.

It is very important for me to note the excellent soundtrack and colorful visuals. I very much like this post apocalyptic desert world of Mad Max. The desperation is tempting, the solace is futile. In order to achieve something better, one has to accept the gritty nature of this aggressive world and fight it in every possible way he/she can.

This is a weird but grandiose roller coaster journey for the eyes, the ears and the mind. A long expected treasure for the road warriors out there.