The most highly anticipated film of the year has leaked for good or for bad…


I must say that DiCaprio is continuously over the top…

To explain the least – Mr. Glass, DiCaprio’s  character, is a strong source material. But to be able to deliver such a performance, you have to not only dedicate all your strength and stamina, but also have a huge talent – something which Leonardo has in abundance.
Combining this with Inarritu’s perfect directing skills and Lubezki’s paranormal filming abilities – this one had to be the best of the year.

And indeed it is – the struggle between man and nature, the vengeance trip, the human relationships, the environmental message – we all see that in its entire run. I must admit that the rawness of the shots were a bit too much at some times for me, but this indeed made the movie true to the real life of these people at that time and at that place.

The music is by Ryuichi Sakamoto and I strongly recommend it to every open soul which desires to hear something new and vibrant. The costumes are profoundly adequate and the narrative is rich with pristine survival instincts.

But the main character in this film is the nature itself. No matter if we speak about the snow, the trees, the bear or the wind itself – this is what really shakes the viewer in his seat. I purposely didn’t pay much attention to the dialogue, but rather enjoyed the “conversations” between Glass and his environment. His journey is delicately decorated with flashbacks and dreamlike visions which explain not only the personal story of the character, but also his urge to finish this journey and do what he has to do.


The movie is long enough for you to be able to immerse in the setting, so take your time and don’t rush to deduct or explain it. There will be plenty of reasons to do that in the next years which I am sure will prove it to be a classic.