Hello again, Friends!
I wish to congratulate you with the new 2016 and wish all the best to you and to your families! May the new times bring us more reasons to feel happy!

Part from my happiness is my love for graphic novels. A passion about which I haven’t written until now.
But here is the first post about “The Ninth art” and I want to make it true – less words, more panels.

First of all I would like to say some words about the medium – comics and graphic novels. Some people say that this is just for kids and teenagers and they are completely right! I am still a kid. And I love it! I am sure that every person who has read the great examples of this art knows that they are as much as valuable for one’s personal growth as any other type of art. Especially the graphic novels gratify so much, that I even feel that sometimes they save my mental state. One can learn a lot about character development, harmony of lines and colors, positioning of words, expressionism and human relations from the best artists in the world. And the stories – oh yes – many books and movies were and will be made out of comics and graphic novels. Namely because a goods story and characters are today not so easy to find or to invent. You need great imagination to be able to create and inspire with your panels. And this is where I stop to talk in general and show you my favorite artists, books and panels from graphic novels and comics which I never the less recommend to you to read…

1.) In my first post about my favorite graphic novel artists I would like to show you the best one (in my opinion) – Andreas:


The German author, living and publishing in France is by far my most favorite from them all. Greatly unknown to the public – his best works – Rork, Cromwell Stone, Cyrrus-Mil, Arq, Capricorne, The Cave of memories, Coutoo, etc. – are essentially masterpieces. I shall not speak more, I just need to show you several of his panels:




His painting style, his lines, his panels’ composition, his stories – everything is so imaginative and great, that I simply do not have words to explain it. Just looking at the pictures above makes me smile and feel happy that there is such an artist on this world. And that he still continues to work and be published. His stories are unimaginably creative, his characters are always mysterious and layered. Bis backgrounds and settings are combination of real and purely fictional facts and images. I have no doubt that his albums deserve even better recognition and I will always recommend them to the people I know. You should read them and enjoy them – they are something very precious. Unfortunately most of his albums are not translated into English yet. Coutoo and Rork have English editions, but mostly his works are in French, Spanish and German. I hope that one day all of his albums will be published in English.

Anyway, this is my first long post about the artists and their works which I want to share with you. Hopefully I will have the time to write soon about other of my favorites – Moebius, Druillet, Moore, Otomo, Urasawa, Taniguchi, Inoue, Shuiten and others.

Have a great 2016 everybody! 🙂