The variety of story lines in one’s life is as limitless as his imagination…


Mr. Nolan really is doing a great job with this show. And HBO is constantly trying to stay ahead of its competition. To my surprise Westworld is getting better with each episode and I suspect a really nice turn of events at the end of the show.

But what is really important with these TV stories is that Westworld is very ambitious. From the cast to the script – everything is thought out really well and innovative. Although the origins of this script can be found in Mr. Crichton’s story, we can clearly see why HBO took this project in – from the personal perspective of the viewer, to the general assumptions of classes in society, this show is more than all-embracing.

The actors’ role in storytelling is really smartly conveyed here as well. I cannot imagine a better tale about the joys and tears of an acting career. We can clearly see the metaphors in act, and we are the ones who ask the questions about them. Some are answered, but most are left to our imagination.

The topics – about the person’s place in this life, about the meaning of destiny, about the origin of one’s values, about class structure, about illuminati, about the beauty of nature, about the grasp of human intelligence and its limits, about the fluent merging of genres in cinema, about the crazy use of lighting and sound…and mostly – about acting. True lessons of acting, based on a really simple, but layered style of storytelling. As old as a Greek myth and as new as a sci-fi bestseller in 2017.

Anthony Hopkins is genius, Ed Harris is a brute, Evan Rachel Wood is splendid and man, those side characters…you just can’t forget them…

I recommend to all of you – please give this show a chance. It will at least make you think of your path on creating your soul.ine0yi3utdf5sbjctdii