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And here’s to the fools
who dream
Crazy, as they may seem
Here’s to the hearts that break
Here’s to the mess we make…


I really, really love to discuss such heartwarming movies, which deliver the full specter of positive to melancholic emotions, but no negativity at all.
“La La Land” from Damien Chazelle is indeed an awaited masterpiece after his break performance with Whiplash. So much energy and genuine talent is represented in his scripts, directing and music, that I am truly inspired after watching his every film. His producers are really joyful after working with him, describing him as a very young visionary, who really lives with his work, and tell that after he is done with a movie, he lingers on it long after the shooting is done. Maybe because for any true auteur every piece of art is like a new baby born by his imagination and hard work.

So this time he chose a more familiar cast – Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (the latter can Really sing!). I think that they both got talent and am really a fan of Gosling’s film project choices. He truly does not have a failure (yes, I am looking at you newcoming Blade Runner movie!). So having also the chemistry between them two, the director can only pinpoint the amazing, yet pretty often used storyline.

I prefer not to speak so much about script, rather than music and performances. The feel which we get from this movie is rather energetic, fresh and warm. Life is really nothing but a sequence of events which we truly must welcome and embrace, not matter the costs of mistakes and misses. The passion of the main characters for what they love and do is indeed great, but it pales in front of these rare moments of togetherness in creativity which they have. And that’s why the third act is the strongest one. When they break out, they estrange from each other, but not to the point of losing that connection which they have from the beginning. And although people are born alone and constantly move on and change, these two characters really resemble our ever lingering spirit of dreaming and high hopes. Even if the reality crumbles, even if Sebastian and Mia choose separating paths, they are bound to be together in their dreams. And when those dreams come true, they are happy despite the physical distance between them.

There is much wisdom in this film. And the beautiful shots are really complimentary to the exact directing of the motion. Los Angeles is a really nice scene for the story and the color palette of the movie is truly positive.
I want to point out the song which Mia sings at the last casting – “Audition”. It truly made me smile, because it represents a spirit, which I don’t really show, but which I love. And reminded to me of a very special person of mine.
Also, I want to express my deepest respect of the conclusion song and montage. I really turned this 9/10 movie into 10/10 for me.

Love and Creativity are truly strong forces in our lives. They show our spirit and souls like nothing else. And even our mind and perception are puzzled by the disappearing boundaries which are torn down by everlasting art.