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Paterson is a nice little quiet movie which is, by the way, larger than life…


Don’t let me misguide you – this is not a controversial movie, this is a slow paced film about the small things in life which make us happy. And which we miss all the time…

So, yes – Adam Driver – he is the movie, no doubt about that. Just check his non profit organization (http://www.aitaf.org) and you will see that he really was “the one” for this role. And his picture in the marine corp suit in the movie is a real one. This also leads us to get the impression that he (as a quiet poet, driving every day a bus in a smaller city named the same as his character) is the centerpiece on the film. Yes, but to some extent. I think that the real main character of this beautiful art piece is the mundane life itself. With every good and bad thing about it. I also need to favor the supporting cast – from Golshifteh Farahani (what a name!) to all the twins seen in this movie – everybody plays exceptionally well. I just didn’t get the Everett role – maybe because it seemed like a piece from a stage acting class done as a separate enclave in this movie. I understand the purpose of the whole Marie and Everett vehicle, but it still seemed a bit odd and off for me.
Other than that – the ensemble of actors is really great.

And the city of Paterson – I wonder if Jim Jarmush’s whole idea was to create this film as an ode to this city. Probably yes! And it sounds pretty romantic (given the circumstances) to a 30-year old male from Bulgaria, thousand of miles far away from this location. So the whole background story of the city itself clicks pretty well for the viewer I think.

The music is a bit strong at times but generally favors the situations and emotions and compliments them.

This is a very ordinary story and at the same time it creates extraordinary feelings in the viewer – that we must enjoy our lives as they are, not necessary as we want to think they are. Love, compassion, romanticism, calmness, diversity – every word fits well for this film. I enjoyed it quietly, calmly and respectfully. It is a movie for the lovebirds for the families, for the local communities, it is a movie for every one.

So, although it might seem slow and that nothing ever will happen in it – great things appear under the surface of this motion picture. Humanity itself is peeking out from Paterson’s character. Mundane, yet full of creative energy, ready to burst from the screen.

Please support this movie, so that others like it are made more often!