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I thought that 2016 was dominated musically by “La La Land”, but then I saw “Sing street”…

Well, what can I say – music is everything sometimes. And just sometimes – movie making through music is what it takes to make everyone feel so much better.

Topics like family, growing up, friendship and love fill this movie with the necessary energy to carry you from beginning to end with joy and passion. I am truly inspired how the main characters start from the desire to be noticed and reach some of the highest peaks of originality in art. The 80’s background music, set and costumes are far too attractive to be missed. And for me – these are all hallmarks of great directorship and cinematography.

The desire to associate with, to give, to win, translates to the viewer the impression of youth’s vigor and love towards pushing down walls and changing habits. The young cast of this film reminds us to never let the important things run out of our lives, no matter how hard the situation is. And always to share every spark of creativity. The unique cultural-historical perspective of this movie shows again how music connects past and future, now and then.

Across cultures and distances we are interconnected by art, and in particular by good music. We can experience the passion to express ourselves all the way along our path of growing up and chasing our dreams. And to see once again how we must never lose grasp of our goals, no matter how hard it gets along the way.

This movie is an excellent example of how the family can influence any young kid in both a good and a bad way. Also – the importance of a good advice against the malice of poverty and ignorance is really obvious. “Sing Street”is the newest story of how love can actually save and dignify. But more than everything we see – how music can be a solution to all. And without any guaranteed success at the end, we enjoy this film as a really splendid creation of nostalgia, music and love.

I truly recommend this small treasure to you and your close ones. We can never have too much music and love in our lives!