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I didn’t want to go with a distant title…and I want to be short.


So, yeah. Season 3 ended. And I liked it much better than the previous two. Why? Because decisions had more consequences. And yes – Chuck’s character got more fleshed out, Gustavo Fring is back and our main character continues to break down.

But more importantly this show is certain that it doesn’t explicitly want to reach to everybody. I think that everybody must reach for a meaning in it. It entertains me with the facts which I find in it, which provoke in me compassion and understanding. I relate to Better Call Saul namely because it is lifelike. And this really is the only show consistently giving us reasons why our lives are normal and we must take a moment every now and then and consider the consequences of our actions and thoughts.

Excellent storytelling in the making here. Great characters, incredibly detailed situational storytelling. I can’t help but feel that when you create such an artwork, you put so much effort in it, but if you don’t have that talent part behind it, it will surely be dull. And Vince Gilligan and company are surely doing it with amazing skills. This show must surely get a 4th season coming soon!