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Officially “Mother!” comes to the top of my 2017 movies list, next to “Blade Runner 2049”. I watched a lot of good movies this year, but the only one to come near these two is “Wind River”. Alas, I still haven’t watched enjoyed the biggest hit this year “The Square” and a lot of other hidden gems like “Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri”, “Loveless”, “Lady Bird”, “Shape of water” and “The Florida project”. Yet, I believe that namely “Mother!” will remain as the most unique movie of this year!


Hence forth, please be aware, my post might include some spoilers.

I’ve waited a lot to watch “Mother!” at last. I’ve had some doubts that it will be too artsy and too tough on my nerves, but yet again I trusted myself and challenged my intelligence.
I believe that to every viewer of this movie the director should go and say: “You’re going to watch a dialogue between “Mother Earth” and “God”. And this will NOT be a spoiler. This will help a lot of people to view this film the way it should be seen – a deep conversation about our humanity , meaning of life and our place on Earth.

Outright I should say that Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem are truly magnificent actors in this film. Their performances are INCREDIBLE! And such is the script and direction of Aronofsky. His deeply emotional way of reflecting on universal topics and translating them to the audiences in painfully creative manner really brings his art forth.

And what a home this filmmaker builds in front of us! The house is also a main character in this film. The constant transformations of the interior and exterior mirror thousands of years of life on Earth. We, viewers have to be indeed grateful for the intimate way visuals change in the movie. I really loved the way the director shows us particular details and how they represent greater ideas. Matter and mind are more or less the same in this film.

The sound and cinematography are compelling and add to the whole cosmic experience. I can’t say who can express better such topics than Aronofsky. All the allusions to the Bible and to the state of our modern society are on point and the realism with which these topics are represented is truly astonishing. At the end of the movie, when things get really heated the poetic part steps back in order for us to see and hear the crescendo of our interpersonal relationships. It is certain that the author has some messaged to the role of God on Earth and they are firmly stated, no matter if we agree with him or not. Also, “mother Earth” is represented with deepest emotions and care. The intrusion of our humane nature onto this place we call home is visually represented in a striking way.

This movie is an experience, not a mere entertainment product. At some point it is a survival to watch it and stay with it. But it truly will mesmerize every viewer who goes into the theater to learn and absorb new ideas and viewpoints. I can only recommend to watch it in solitude because it is a compelling masterpiece.