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You can’t hide anything from love. And you can nurture talent with love.

a star

Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut just hit theaters and I couldn’t resist to see it ASAP.

It really stands up to its name and already amassed glowing reviews. It’s a very emotional tale of a singer in his twilight years finding and helping the love of his life become a star singer, but also his better side.
I was struck about how this motion picture dug deep into viewers hearts and how iconic the characters were made to look and sound like. And I think that phrase from Cooper “When you have a question, you gotta ask it.” is really emoting from this movie. This script is already shot 3 times during 3 different eras of American cinema and I gotta say, this one is without doubt the truest.

Lady Gaga is over performing herself, expressing all her character on the screen. Bradley Cooper has created and brought to screen a very “burnt” depiction of a man in fame. And it struck my heart in so many chords that I have to say this is one of the best movies of the year.
It has a very original soundtrack, which involves you even deeper. Wonderfully shot characters which evolve and yet stay true to their nature. A film about music, life, relationships, but above all – love.

I had two very eclectic moments in the movie. The first one was when Bradley Cooper’s Jack apologizes to Bobby for his insult. The reaction from Sam Elliott’s character was so empowering and so proudly emotional that I will remember it for a long time. A person can really relate to such a conversation and intuitional moment.
The second, of course, is the last scene song transition from the concert to the piano. A very general and yet intimate moment of affection and compassion. The production quality is indeed present and I believe that we’re seeing a very good director coming forward.

At the end of this review, I’d like to say that it’s for movies like this that we have a passion for cinema and music. These two interconnect very intensely and the past decade has proven that we can do much better in life, in relationships and in knowing ourselves, if we just allow these art forms of expression flow through us and let us just be out there in the space between us.