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This year around was a bit tough, so I will be short with my list of favorite movies and TV series.


I just want to mention first that I had a bit more fun with Television this year thanks to mainly 3 series: Better Call Saul (best of the best!), The Romanoffs and Westworld.

And now the list with several comments:

  1. Annihilation – I watched it in the very beginning of 2018, but nothing got closer to perfection after that. Truly the best one, encompassing every possible current topic! Just a bit dark and unforgiving 🙂
  2. Blindspotting – a perfect and very fresh movie! Loved it from every angle!
  3. Loro – Italian cinema never disappoints me! Great and very provocative!
  4. Eight grade – very gentle and modern experience which touched me as a father.
  5. Isle of dogs – best animation of the year, no doubt.
  6. The Favourite – Best characters and acting in cinema this year!
  7. Sorry to Bother you – fresh and innovative, I really enjoyed this piece.
  8. The man who killed don Quixote – my kind of movie, although not the best editing and direction. Still, I felt really good receiving such an experience from Terry Gilliam!
  9. A star is born – best music, very good adaptation and direction. Best supporting actor in 2018!
  10. Everybody knows – the warm experience and depth of relationships kept me interested and also taught me something.
  11. BlackKklansman – I had to put it in the list. There are some scenes where I laughed out so loud, that it really hurt.

In the end – you can’t really beat that picturesque scene, depicting 2018 for me 🙂 Wish all the best to everybody for the new 2019!